Welcome to the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office website. This website has been developed and designed as an avenue for providing you with information relative to the operations and responsibilities of the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office. Most everyone knows about our Patrol, Investigation and Jail/Communication Divisions; however, we perform and provide many other duties that are important for public safety, our community service programs helps improve quality of life here in Washburn County.

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  • Court Security and Service to the Court
  • ATV / Snowmobile Patrol
  • Crime Prevention
  • Drug Investigations
  • Transportation of Inmates
  • Juvenile Liaison Officer and Counter Act
  • Special Response Team
  • Public Education and Information
  • K-9 Program
  • Project Lifesaver
  • Amber Alert
  • Silver Alert

The “Office of Sheriff” is steeped in history dating back to England’s  Anglo-Saxon era of the 1700’s and is one of the broadest based offices of any county. The Sheriff is constitutionally elected and is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and is statutorily required to “keep the peace”, enforce all laws and county ordinances, provide a safe and secure jail, serve civil process and serve the court.

For the Sheriff to be effective it is imperative the Sheriff has the trust and support of his/her constituents. This trust is earned by providing honest, ethical, responsive, professional and transparent service to the county and the public, daily. Washburn County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement; “Of the People, By the People and For the People”

It is my privilege to serve the people who live, work, recreate or travel through Washburn County, the people. It is a pleasure to lead those who work for the Sheriff’s Office. Their professionalism, dedication and attention to duty are without measure.

Sheriff Dryden