The mission and purpose of the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office is as follows: to preserve public peace and order; to guarantee to all persons, regardless of sex, race, creed or color, their right to freedom as manifested in the Constitution of the United States; to enforce the laws, ordinances and rulings of the State and County; and to perform effectively the functions designated to the Sheriff by Statute. This mission shall be accomplished by the effective performance of the following functions:

  • Maintenance of law enforcement presence or availability on a 24-hour basis
  • Timely and rapid response to criminal incidents, traffic incidents and other appropriate requests for law enforcement services
  • Investigation of criminal offenses and apprehension of the perpetrators of those offenses
  • Initiation of investigation when it appears there may have been a violation of the law
  • Maintenance of a smooth, orderly and safe flow of traffic
  • Public information activities designed to involve citizens in crime prevention and to maintain public safety

In joining the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office, Employees make its responsibilities their own. Deputies are expected to carry out these responsibilities diligently and courteously and to take pride in the services they provide.

Law Enforcement Standards Board Physical Readiness

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board has enacted a physical fitness requirement for law enforcement officers.  This is an effort to help law enforcement officers be better able to protect themselves and the community they serve.  Recruits must pass the minimum physical readiness requirement prior to admission into the academy.  Recruits are required to improve their physical fitness level during the academy and pass a second test with stricter requirements prior to graduating as certifiable law enforcement officers.  Below is a video created by the Law Enforcement Standards Board outlining the physical readiness test and fitness requirements.